Winners of this year's Melksham Young People's Awards

The 2016 Melksham Young Peoples Awards Winners

Everyone who was nominated for an award this year was a winner, but we did pick out some of the nominations that we felt were particularly special.

The winner of the Under 11’s Young Achiever Award is…. Ciaran Hanks. Earlier this year, Ciaran struggled to complete just one length of his local pool due to his asthma. Then, just a few months later he made the news for swimming the equivalent of the English Channel and raising over £600 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The winner of the 12+ Young Achiever Award is…. Graham Christmas. Graham is an inspiration and a credit to all young people. He has turned his life around and distanced himself from the peers who were a bad influence on him, focusing instead on being true to himself in a world full of pressure and prejudice.

The winner of the Chairman’s Special Award for Fundraising is… Jamie Davies. Jamie was inspired by previous 24 hour challenges and decided to use his passion for golf to raise over £1000 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance by playing for 24 hours at Whitley Golf Club.

The winner of the Volunteering Award is… Tianna James. Tianna gives her time ‘freely and selflessly’, volunteering with the Key Stage 2 swimmers at her school. She is a qualified lifeguard, a skilled coach and a positive role model to the children she supports.

The winner of the Young Leader Award is… Tyler Nickle. ‘Man of the Match’ Tyler is a talented player with the ‘Melksham Hurricanes’. He recently combined his football and leadership skills by supporting activities for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers at Aspire House, taking the older boys ‘under his wing’ with maturity and compassion.

The winner of the Sporting Individual Award is… Elizabeth Bools. A multi-talented sportswoman, Liz plays for and coaches several local teams in a range of team sports, including football and cricket. On top of this, she recently became British Champion for her weight in Boxing, and demonstrates discipline, determination, but also compassion, in all she does.

The winner of the Sporting Team Award is… AFC Melksham Town Under 12 Girls Team. Between them, these talented ladies have won the league and cup double, the Wiltshire Futsul Championship, and represented Wiltshire at the regional finals. In addition to their sporting success, the girls have developed a strong team spirit, lasting friendships and a confidence that spills over into the rest of their lives.

The winner of the Young Voice Award is… James Wilkins. A member of Young Melksham, Wiltshire Assembly of Youth, and UK Youth Parliament, James is a perfect example of the impact a young voice can have on society. His self-confidence, leadership and strong communication skills have made a real difference to several youth campaigns such as ‘Make Your Mark’ and ‘Don’t Hate- Educate’.

The winner of the Young Individual Arts Award is… Lola Brady. A talented performer since the age of 4, Lola is passionate about the arts and has starred in a multitude of popular local productions such as ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Matilda’. Lola attends Melksham School of Ballet, Tap and Modern, practises every day, and works incredibly hard to achieve all the goals she sets for herself, in all areas of her life.

The winner of the Young Team Arts Award is… The Enigma Twirl Team. Now in their fourth year, the Enigma Twirl Team demonstrate how sheer determination and love for their sport and their team can pay off. Despite struggling to secure financial support, the team have continued to excel at all they do and frequently wow audiences at competitions and carnivals with smiles on their faces.

The winner of the Under 12’s Young Carer Award is… Lucy Evans. Not long after starting secondary school, both Lucy’s Mum and Auntie were diagnosed with cancer. Lucy has showed tremendous maturity, positivity and resilience by supporting her family both practically and emotionally, whilst continuing to thrive at school and in her own personal achievements.

The winner of the 12+ Young Carer Award is… Cain Collins. Since the loss of his younger brother six years ago, Cain has supported his parents and siblings throughout their bereavement. Despite having to deal with his own grief, Cain consistently proves himself to be a responsible and caring young man, with a big heart.

The winner of the School Council Award is… Amy Brown. Despite being ‘the new girl’ at Melksham Oak school, Amy has settled in extremely quickly and has overcome her shyness to become a house leader. Amy also mentors other students, helping them to improve their confidence and social skills and is a positive role model for her peers.